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We like to think together  with you. Would you like to know  your own language level ? Or would  you, as an HR manager or recruiter, be interested in our independent advice with respect to someone’s level in business language?


Language coaching
Language training course

Our top 4 language training courses

Our trainer-coaches have the right didactic skills to help you to professionalise your language target.

Our formula

Elin has a pragmatic and client-specific approach, by determining  learning objectives, learning style and level.

  1.  Application
  2.  Online language test and face-to-face intake
  3.  Advice
  • …Certificate

Our customers




(function($) {$("head").append(".rella-row-shadowbox-60815f0a55b36{-webkit-box-shadow:;-moz-box-shadow:;box-shadow:;}");})(jQuery); The Elin language training was very fun and instructive. I am very satisfied with the result. And, even more importantly, at the business meeting in York, several colleagues noticed that I had greatly improved my English. In addition, compliments to the language coach, this is the first time in my life that I [...]
Onze Coach

Onze Coach

(function($) {$("head").append(".rella-row-shadowbox-60815f0a62f3a{-webkit-box-shadow:;-moz-box-shadow:;box-shadow:;}");})(jQuery); As the first Dutch Managed Service Provider in Coaching, delivering quality is our first priority.  That means that sometimes you are faced with a challenge. At the end of 2015, we were allowed to carry out all coaching for a listed multinational under the condition that they could  rely on Business English-speaking coaches. [...]


(function($) {$("head").append(".rella-row-shadowbox-60815f0a7060e{-webkit-box-shadow:;-moz-box-shadow:;box-shadow:;}");})(jQuery); CycloMedia brings the public space into focus with high-quality 360° street photos and aerial photos with GIS accuracy.  Approximately 120 employees, spread over three global locations, work for this innovative organisation. In order to make a successful transition to a more market-oriented and international organisation, there was a need for company-wide English language [...]


(function($) {$("head").append(".rella-row-shadowbox-60815f0a7c9c7{-webkit-box-shadow:;-moz-box-shadow:;box-shadow:;}");})(jQuery); After a successful collaboration with FC Den Bosch, Elin is now training the junior players of PSV. Young talented youth players, with a promising future, who where born and raised in another country, and who are now training at the Eindhoven football club. We support them in learning to understand the language of [...]

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