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Language test
Language assessment
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Would you like to know your own language level according to  the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR)? Or would you as a HR manager or recruiter, be interested in our independent advice with respect to someone’s level in business language? And how would you define ‘excellent’with respect to someone’s language skills? And is the ‘excellence’of an applicant the same as the ‘excellence’ that the employer expects?

Measuring is knowing.


Online Language test

Before we can provide  our advice in terms of a programme (content and hours), our route starts with an online test. It tests passive skills   assesses listening and reading ability  and grammar awareness as well as daily and professional, business related vocabulary. It is also adaptive, which means  the complexity  of questions is determined  by the ‘quality’ of the  answers given.


Language assessment

The language test as a basis, is followed by an assessment of active skills in  the use of the language in (spoken) words and in writing. This is important if  you or your (future) employer also want to know whether your command of the target language is sufficient to represent your company. This would mean that, for example, the general phrase in your Curriculum Vitae “excellent command of the English language” is endorsed by an independent assessment of the CEFR level.



Sometimes conventional language assessment is not enough and you want to know more. By measuring if the candidate you have in mind actually has the required language skills, or can grow to the desired level. Or by measuring if the active, professional jargon in the target language can actually withstand the test of criticism. The use of mirror talk is also preferable if you want to challenge how to prepare your organization for a new company language.

  • Online language test as a starter
  • Mirroring active and passive skills: intake interview by trainer-coach with candidate and client
  • Independent and professional advice with respect to language skills


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