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Language training
Language coaching

Our trainercoaches have the right didactic skills to help you professionalise your target language. They are native or near -native speakers of the language to be learned and, in addition to their professional knowledge, they have experience in doing business in the country of your target language. You can follow a business language training course individually or in groups, choosing between a phased or an intensive course. You can follow the training in our inspiring environment or in-company .

Our top 4 language training courses


Business English

Our number 1. Still an undisputed leader and as a module adapted to your needs; this is how Banking Business English was created. Favourite in the banking sector.


Business German

There are also many variants of business German evidenced  by the difference in learning objectives.  For example, a group of accountants will have a different need in business language than a company sales representative   who wants to conquer the German market with the company’s technical products.


Dutch as a second language

Even though English is the company’s official language, an expat living in the Netherlands may wish  to communicate with colleagues. If the official language is Dutch, then the non-Dutch speaker has to understand the language on the work floor for reasons of safety and productivity.


Business French

If your business partner speaks French, you will  probably also experience  it: if you also speak that language, it is highly appreciated. Sometimes it is sufficient to be able to communicate basically on a social level but, in other circumstances, being successful requires that French is mastered on all fronts.

5, 6, 7...

At Elin you can also...

be trained in other languages, whether it is Spanish or Swedish. And Elin can also translate  your documents into the desired language.

Our businesses






Phased or intensive courses

Whether you are learning (as a beginner or as an improver) a language  learning course is intensive and it is  highly recommended to learn in phases, divided into weekly sessions. This allows  time in between the lessons to study and to put the acquired knowledge into practice. Sometimes the target language needs to be learned quickly and in a short time. If that is  the case, we will  plan the training moments closer together in order to lay the foundation for a new language  or to bring the existing language knowledge to a higher level at full speed.


Individually or with a group

The language level and the learning objectives determine whether you work on the target language as an individual or as a colleague. A prerequisite for a joint training course is that you feel yourself comfortable with the other(s) and that the training fits all agendas. In our opinion, a successful training course also means that the training pays attention to the cultural aspects of the other person.

Essential bagage

Companies that want to go further than just   learning the language, will find an excellent partner in Elin. A partner who naturally incorporates cultural, business and sector-specific aspects in the course material and training  and who also coaches on practical skills.

Means the combination of





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