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Our formula

Elin uses a pragmatic and client-specific approach. Determines extensive learning objectives, learning style and level. Preferably trainings are blended, in the conviction that this contributes to the learning objective. 


Good preparation is half the battle. And that starts with a thorough understanding and assessment  of the learning objectives.



Online language test and face-to-face intake

The second step is the online testing of passive skills. With an adaptive test , the questions adapt themselves automatically on the basis of the given answers. This is  followed by an intake interview   to test online outcomes, align learning goals and assess speaking skills.


After inventory, our advice follows, in terms of the number of hours, and whether individual or group training is appropriate. It is up to you whether the training is on location (at your offices) or with us.



The well-deserved result. In writing. But more important is your own feeling: that there is confidence to work in the target language.

Blended Learning

All our language courses are supported by an e-learning module. Elin is the Dutch distributor of the Altissia e-learning platform. An academic method, with an adaptive approach  with “Daily News”, in the form of articles and as a video message. Altissia  is  audited by the European Commission.


Tailor-made lessons, company-specific
Cprrect baggage: language, culture and skills
Sector and function jargon
Improved personal effectiveness



Learning at your own pace
Personal online curriculum
Practical exercises,
sector and job-specific

Monitoring by trainer

Available in the languages








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Customer specific

Our many years of experience have shown that our personal and goal-oriented approach leads to an optimal result. A fixed inventory round provides insight into your entry level and where you want or need to grow. It also shows us the most efficient way in which you learn the material. This results in a personal learning trajectory that is in line with your abilities  and activities. It goes without saying that company-specific material also determines the curriculum.


Every work situation is different  and the language training will be adapted to this. Our working method is aimed at making you more successful in international business. This requires its own toolbox. A package of training in  language skills, knowledge of the cultural business environment and coaching on skills. All under the guidance of a trainer-coach who understands the challenges that lie ahead. And who, depending on the learning objectives, goes on the road with you  to work on the target language in your own work environment.

Dedicated Trainer

A regular trainer-coach is one of our starting points for the best results , from the first introduction (intake) up to and including the last training. An Elin-trainer is (near) native, has the necessary didactic skills, and has experience in doing international business  and coaches on the skills you need to grow in the target language.

Accelerated learning...

Accelerated learning is achieved by working on the target language in your own time via our e-learning module. This is an adaptive platform that generates a personal learning plan.  based on your starting level and is tailored to your situation. This results in different practice modules so that you can practice with most common work situations.

Phased or intensive courses

A language (additional) learning is intensive and you may prefer to learn in phases, divided into weekly sessions. In between the lessons there is time to study and to put the acquired knowledge into practice. Sometimes the target language needs to be learned quickly and in a short time  In these circumstances, we plan the training moments closer together  in order to lay the foundation for a new language   or to bring the existing language knowledge to a higher level at full speed.


Individually or with a group

The language level and the learning objectives determine whether you work on the target language as an individual or as a colleague. A prerequisite for a joint training course is that you feel comfortable with the other(s) and that the training fits all agendas.