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Excellent command of the English and German languages. But what does ‘excellent’ say about a person’s command of the language? And is the ‘excellence  of an applicant the same as the ‘excellence  that the employer expects? A thorough language assessment with reports and recommendations based on ERK language level provides the desired clarity.

Novus Scientific has over 10 years of experience in the development, production and marketing of absorbent  medical devices. Novus Scientific markets surgical support pads that slowly dissolve  under the TIGR®Matrix brand name worldwide. The global distribution network is further expanded and maintained from the Netherlands.

Novus Scientific has hired a Senior Sales Manager. An excellent command of the English and German languages, both spoken and written, is a prerequisite for the proper performance of this function. Doubts soon arise as to whether the language skills are really ‘excellent’. Novus Scientific uses Elin Talen to extensively test the employee for both English and German and to determine his or her level of proficiency: Mirrortalk.

Patrick Blaauw, Global Sales & Marketing Manager at Novus Scientific: “I experienced the collaboration and Elin Talen as good. Femke keeps a tight grip on the organisation, so I could be sure that these assessments could be arranged and carried out in the desired time. The English-speaking and German-speaking coaches were careful in their preparation. They studied the forms of communication and jargon that are required for this position and for our market. In this way, the level could be determined in a very specific way. The reports that identified the language levels and advice for improvement were valuable. With Mirrotalk, Elin provides extensive support and feedback that is clearly in line with the objective of testing a language level”.

Novus Scientific