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As the first Dutch Managed Service Provider in Coaching, delivering quality is our first priority.  That means that sometimes you are faced with a challenge. At the end of 2015, we were allowed to carry out all coaching for a listed multinational under the condition that they could  rely on Business English-speaking coaches.  Naturally we have them in house  but just to be on the safe side, we  wanted to have their level tested.  Not just ‘online’; we thought it was important that the test was thorough and personal. We wanted every coach to talk in English about his or her own field of expertise and to have this assessed by a language trainer who was trained for it.

At Elin Business Language Communication, we explained our challenge and came up with a solution together. A tricky side-effect was that the coaches who were eligible live in different parts of the Netherlands. The result was a personal, tailor-made language test. We came up with a  specific  case scenario for this assignment  which Elin included  in the English language test, thoroughly studied the assignment and took care of all the preparatory work. The ‘candidates’ were then able to take the Business English language test by telephone. The level determination was referred to the European Reference Framework and issued in writing. We heard from the coaches that they found it very pleasant to be able to take this test in this way.

We won the assignment, partly thanks to the professional and pleasant cooperation with Elin Business Language Communication. And we included the test as a ‘standard’ for new coaches in our national team. We  thoroughly recommend this Language Test.

Annette van Engelen, Director of Our Coach

Annette van Engelen, Directeur Onze Coach

Onze Coach